A Guide to Plagiarism, Citation, and Referencing styles in Assignment Writing

This blog provides a succinct overview of essential aspects of academic assignment writing, focusing on the critical elements of plagiarism, citation, and referencing styles. It emphasizes the significance of authenticity and credibility in academic work, outlining the definition and implications of plagiarism, the importance of proper citation to acknowledge original sources, and the various referencing styles available. Additionally, it briefly mentions the option of utilizing assignment writing services for expert assistance in creating plagiarism-free assignments with accurate citations and referencing, thereby relieving students of the stress associated with these requirements. Ultimately, it underscores the pivotal role of these principles in maintaining academic integrity and giving credit where it's due, while also highlighting the practical support available to students when necessary.


11/5/20232 min read

A Guide to Plagiarism, Citation, and Referencing styles in Assignment Writing
A Guide to Plagiarism, Citation, and Referencing styles in Assignment Writing

Authenticity and credibility are crucial for academic and research works. Universities give prime importance to plagiarism, citation and referencing in coursework. Students have to ensure that they focus on these areas to ensure that they can submit credible works. However, it is vital to understand these in assignment writing.


Plagiarism is the act of using someone else's work, ideas, or expressions without giving proper credit, making it seem like your original work. This can range from copying passages from books or online sources to paraphrasing someone else's ideas without citation.

There are various implications associated with plagiarising works.

  • Ethical Concerns: It's about honesty. Using someone's work without giving them credit is like theft.

  • Academic Integrity: Educational institutions value original thinking. Plagiarism undermines this principle and devalues genuine effort.

  • Legal Implications: Plagiarized content might lead to copyright infringement, which can have legal consequences.

Hence, it is vital to paraphrase the work properly before submission and ensure that the similarity is low.


Citation is the process of identifying the sources from which you’ve derived your information, ideas, or quotes. It's a formal way to acknowledge the original authors or creators.

Citation values respect and appreciation for the original creators. It also enables readers to trace the origins of your information. Proper citation ensures you are not inadvertently claiming another’s work as your own.

Referencing Styles

While citations give credit within the body of the assignment, a reference list or bibliography provides a detailed list of all sources cited. There are several styles of referencing, each with its guidelines and formats including APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, etc. All these referencing and citation styles are different. There are specific handbooks and university guidelines for referencing. It is crucial for students to choose the right guidelines and refer to university handbooks when referencing work.

Assignment Writing Services

If you’re looking for a service that can help you get plagiarism-free assignments with proper citations and referencing then you can opt for specialised assignment writing services from experts. This can help you not take the stress of these things when submitting your assignments. You can even get plagiarism reports to ensure that any work can be managed effectively without having to worry about copied work. These experts develop well-researched assignments and ensure that everything can be managed within the stipulated deadline.


Hence, plagiarism, citation, and referencing are intertwined in the world of research and academic writing. Proper understanding and adherence to these principles not only ensure the authenticity of one's work but also pay homage to the vast body of knowledge that our research and assignments are built upon. The next time you sit down to write an assignment, remember that in the world of academia, giving credit where it’s due is not just a nicety—it’s a necessity. On the contrary, if you think you cannot manage your work then consider hiring a specialised person for it.